"A dark new layer on the real world. A compelling game, with great story . . . " - Saraphel

Join the awakening of a new vampire race.

Vampire Tribunals is a location based MMO played on iPhone and Android.

A story-driven game of strategy where players battle to conquer their own city streets and prove themselves to an elder vampire race.

The Winter Tribunal will begin in January, 2015

Winter Tribunal: New Features

Level cap raised to 80. Legends will be born.

2 new immersive map designs to choose from: REDRUM or EVENTIDE.

Gain quick POWER and currency by biting your Facebook friends.

HOUSE sizes are now unlimited.

2 new special attacks: BANISH and MAUL.

Player Inventory and rare items found all over the world.

Compete to find the 8 powerful rings of the Draugur in the world event: Sleepers of the Mound.

Over 50 new world bosses will appear.

Follow John the Revelator on a global questline released in serial installments.

Coming in 2015 to the Raincrow Universe of Games

Mankind's oldest war comes to iPhone.

Players of Coven will join the shared world of Vampire Tribunals as they choose between the Black and White schools of witchcraft. See the world change as your Coven fights to tip the balance between darkness and light. Claim ground, summon a host of spirits, build your grimoire with powerful spells as you make your Coven known across the world.


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